Ways to Protect Yourself During and After Exercise


There are so many ways to protect your skin and one of the times you should pay attention to your skin is during and after a workout. Think about how hot and sweaty you get. You definitely want to get your skin cleaned up so you don’t have to worry about acne and blemishes on your face and body. I know that you just want to be done after your exercise session, but taking a few minutes to use these ways to protect your skin will totally pay off in the end.
Wear a Headband
You don’t have to relinquish your style here. Choose a headband that matches your workout outfit and makes you feel good about the way your hair looks. Besides making you look great, a headband helps keep the sweat off your face, which helps keep your pores clear and clean so you don’t have to worry about a breakout
Clean the Equipment
If you plan to work out in the gym, carry a package of antibacterial wipes with you. That way you can clean any of the equipment before you use it. That protects your skin by keeping bacteria and germs from coming into contact with your body. You won’t have to worry about skin infections or other yucky stuff.
Wash Your Hands
Hand washing for hand hygiene is the act of cleaning one’s hands with or without the use of water or another liquid, or with the use of soap, for the purpose of removing soil, dirt, and/or microorganisms. Immediately after you finish an exercise session, be sure you wash your hands. This clears germs and bacteria off your skin so you don’t transfer them to your face, which is a prime way of getting sick. Even if you wipe equipment before use or work out at home, you should still wash your hands to prevent illnesses and skin infections
Wear Sunscreen
Wear Sunscreen is the common name of an essay written as a potential commencement, it’s a good idea to slather sunscreen on all your exposed skin. You don’t want to wind up with sunburn, which increases the risk of skin cancer as well as speeding the signs of aging. No one wants to deal with that! Use broad spectrum sunscreen that is water resistant for the best results.
Get a Drink
When you’re dehydrated, you skin really shows it. To be sure that doesn’t happen, make sure you drink water before, during and after you exercise. Carry a water bottle with you so you don’t forget to guzzle as needed.
Take a Shower
Sitting around in sweaty workout clothes is super bad for your skin. It increases the risk of breakouts all over your body. After exercising, it’s best to shed the workout gear and take a shower. That way, you get rid of all the sweat on your body, which in turn removes germs and bacteria. Plus, you’ll smell a whole lot better too. Toss your workout clothing into the laundry and grab fresh ones for your next workout.
Go Make-up Free
I know it’s tempting to leave your make-up on, but working out without it is one of the best ways to protect your skin during and after exercise. That’s because you run the risk of clogged pores by exercising with it on, which can lead to breakouts. Plus, you’re just going to sweat most of it off anyway. It only takes a couple of minutes to reapply after your workout.


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