The oxford dictionary defines responsibility as being responsible; a duty resulting from ones job or position, while responsible in the same line means being accountable to a duty, position or to certain authority or people. The word responsibility so far seems to be the lacking factor in the governance in the nation Nigeria.
For the purpose of this piece, the word responsibility will be x-rayed as it affects Nigeria and her citizenries. One would not be wrong to ascribe the nation of Nigeria as the world richest country following her survival despite the numerous mismanagements, embezzlements and misappropriations yet she has remained afloat as one indivisible country.
This lacking factor (responsibility) has been, is and will continue to be the genesis of these problems the country is facing or will face if not addressed with all sincerity not minding who will be offended no matter how highly placed . I have had cause to argue with people when they say that a particular political office holder is trying. My reasons being that for one to take the oath of allegiance, it simply means that he/she is accepting the responsibilities of such an office no matter the level.
The anomalies in our society today have grown to the point of becoming a yardstick to measure performance. With due respect to all political officers, vehemently am bold to say it that none of them have been able to meet an average mark on an assessment of the expectations of their various offices judging by the enormous powers and resources available to them at their various levels.
The lack of responsibility in our daily governance has made it very difficult for the led to identify or ascertain the point to actually say an officer has performed. For instance, it is the duty of the police to protect lives and properties in their jurisdiction and to restore order when there is any breach. In the case of robbery or disorder in a particular area no matter the degree of the matter, failure of the police to move its machinery or men to forestall such occurrence(s), they are branded failure by all. This is also the case for an officer of the Federal, state or local government who has failed to uphold the oath of office he/she took upon his/her election/appointment into that office.
The current challenges that have bedevilled the nation today are as a result of accumulated failures by various office holders both past and present. The movement for the Sovereign of Ogoni People (MOSOP) led by late Ken Saro Wiwa was only agitating for people in position to carry out their responsibility but unfortunately he was made to pay the highest price with his kinsmen. The likes of MEND and her likes also came up as a result of failure in responsibilities, though these groups from the South-South geo-political of the nation may have piped-low for reasons known to us all. The case of the Boko Haram though, may have not been well defined as it has proven to neither be religious nor ethnical; hence it is also a sign of responsibility failure. The Nigerian nation in all ramifications still remains one of the simplest states to govern if only Responsibility is well prioritized.
The simplest in the sense that an average man today in Nigeria has accepted the fact that the system has failed them in the provision of necessities such electricity, water, quality education, roads etc which are the primary responsibilities of any government no matter the level.
As the just concluded 2015 general elections have been won and lost, the CHANGE the Nigerian state will be expecting is to see men and women in their various public offices live up to their responsibilities to Nigerians, knowing that the era of trying is no longer acceptable, note that it is a crime for any political office to try or be ascribed as trying since they have accepted the responsibilities that comes with such an office, it is therefore their duty to perform them to the least not minding the challenges after all none of them can say he/she has spent his/her personal fund for their offices. Responsibility remains the word!


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