(If you are cohabiting with a man or a woman when you are not legally married)
Cohabitation! For the unmarried-singles and those in courtship!

Cohabitation, is the act of living together and having a sexual relationship (especially without being married)
It’s also an arrangement where two people who are not married live together in an intimate relationship whether on short term, or a long-term basis.

Praying to God or seeking prophetic helps from prophets and other spiritual mediums, in order to know if the one with whom both of you have discovered your nakedness times without number, is the person God wants you to marry, is like;

1). Blinding yourself with all of your own will/negative emotions, and then asking God if you could see well, while you are deliberately walking against His will;
2). Stealing money to enrich oneself, and asking the Lord to show you if the money gotten in a negative way is the prosperity of God for you;
3). Saying “Lord, I have made my choice and satisfied my self (sexual passion); help me with the second choice either to drop or marry this person whom you have wasted your time with, or go for another, seeing that there’s nothing new again about sex.

A TRUE STORY: One woman was in a great dilemma concerning who to marry. She experimented with six different men at different moments of her searching; but unfortunately, each man came drawing/stealing away some of her “waters” originally meant for her God ordained husband, and leaving it polluted for the next man whose turn it was to taste.

I am sure this woman was so beautiful as each of these six men couldn’t resist having her for himself. They got some polluted residue from her, and no matter how tasty or how sweet her “waters” were, it never qualified her as a good wife to many. No single man whom she called her boyfriend or potential husband, ever find himself fulfilling his promise of marriage or attending to her family marriage rites, in order to make her his wife. They all preferred to use her to quench their burning desire; and as soon as each playboy hits the highest note of sexual satisfaction, a sense of loathsomeness (dislikeness) settles in his heart, he then he zaps (runs off) to look for the next unlucky woman.

This experimentation of “maybe this man that will marry me?” always clogged her mind, until she couldn’t explain how she ended up with the 6th man, who didn’t fulfil the proposal of marriage. Am sure this woman was extremely beautiful attracted; the reason the men didn’t stop coming after one another. Am sure, this woman may not be totally bad, as she would take care of her bedmates, fetching water and cooking for the lucky man; because she emerged from a lineage that has been religiously phrased as “good Samaritans”. But, then her weakness got the greater part of her.

But one day, she went to fetch some water (I supposed for her and her potential would be number six husband cohabiting with her), she met Jesus at the well of Samaria. She and Jesus engaged in a live conversation that changed her life. Hmmm! One of the things that encouter brought to the frontline, was that she was so religious to the extent that she was talking about the God she never me – but traditionally and historically heard about. Let us read …

“Jesus said to her, Go, call your husband and come back here. 17 The woman answered, I have no husband. Jesus said to her, You have spoken truly in saying, I have no husband. 18 For you have had five husbands, and the man you are now living with is not your husband. In this you have spoken truly. …. 28 Then the woman left her water jar and went away to the town. And she began telling the people…

HELP NOTES: turning points-
1). This woman was messed up sexually, that is marriage-wise. She and her lovers thought sexual affair (cohabitation) before marriage is a good prerogative for getting married;
2). She must have had her hearts and hope dashed few times by her lovers;
3). She had been messed up with her old religion she was born in, and was blinded to God’s own way of worshiping, not necessarily being attached to a geographical location, but with a pure and sincere heart instead! But then being sexually filthy, she was talking about the God whose Word guiding against sexual sins she never kept.
4). She confessed to Jesus, her true state by saying to Him, I have no husband; those who confess their hidden sin find help on time;
5). This made Jesus unveil more of Himself to her in a way she could understand;
6). She dropped the desire to please her boyfriend- “would be husband” number six, by quickly dropping her water pot.
7). The joy of meeting Jesus overwhelmed her entire being until she ran back to those who knew her very well, and started preaching about the Christ who touched her life, without any shame.
8). She became like the person we would call evangelist today. And because of her, a whole city of Samaria had the gospel from Jesus for the next two days.
9). Many people believed in Jesus through a woman who the people knew was a harlot.

One of greatest mistakes that many of God’s children seem to continually repeat, either when at the inception of meeting an opposite sex who happens to develop a kind of friendship with them, or at the time they start being in courtship, is to indulge in sexual exploitation. It’s so sad and ironical to believe or hear that people get born again, get delivered from the kingdom of darkness and come into God’s holy family to commit more sexual atrocities with each other on a very high note, far above even when they hadn’t given their lives to Christ. Their desire for sex engineered by the spirit of lust, totally blinds them to how to please and serve God with pure hearts. And like this Samaritan woman and very religious for that matter, many believers go to vigils, attend Bible studies, do praise concerts and still wound up on shameful sexual matters!

Instead of single individuals or would be marriage partners to take more time to know God’s will and build up good Christian character that would make them very successful in marriage, they disregard Jesus’ word, and explore their body parts sexually with such impunity and dishonour.

Instead of them to do evangelism and proclaim Jesus to their friends, they are busy showing themselves how good they are going to be sexually active in bed when they marry. What can we say, too many today of the end of so called sexually promiscuous fellows? Adultery, single parenting and divorce have become the clear fruits from their hidden sin.

For the Samaritan woman in John 4, she opened her heart to Jesus and got her deliverance.

She was bold and courageous enough not to move to a new location, but preached Christ to her community including her one time “good customers”. Many Christians are ashamed to preach Christ to their friends, but not ashamed at all to have sex continually with them, and even with unbelievers. I recall how, when I gave my life to Jesus – I had to preach to my sinner-friends including my girlfriends. Some gave their lives later while others couldn’t fellowship with me. My books on How to overcome sexual temptation vols 1&2, are the experiences of how God delivered me from sexual immorality, including masturbation.

You too can be free today.

It is in church today that we have many people who are married and still promiscuous! Many promiscous singles want to marry and never read any marriage book, or attended marriage seminars together but dreaming to have a successful marriage. Many got married to very sexy and tantalizing women or man of their dream, and eventually ended up been rob of their love for God. They have lost the fire for God! The problem isn’t the women they married, but the lustful hearts they have failed to deal with.

You must come out first from any form of cohabitation and sexual sin, before God would hear your prayer-
2 Corinthians 6:17; Psalms 91:15; Isaiah 65:24.

Would you repent today? The Scriptures below would definitely help to see how truthful you would be in repenting from your sins, as God laments over His children:

Jer 4:22- “My people are foolish and do not know me,” says the LORD. “They are stupid children who have no understanding. They are clever enough at doing wrong, but they have no idea how to do right!” (Read Isaiah 1:18-19 & 1 John 1:8-9)

May you have an unforgettable encounter with Christ that will turn your bad records into wonderful testimonies for Jesus, in Jesus name. May you find help from God.

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